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Ok, I’ve been getting a lot of panicked messages about the rumors that this is the last season of the show. I wasn’t really going to say anything more about it but things have gotten a little crazy.

Obviously this isn’t something I can confirm or deny with 100% certainty. I only know what I know. And what I know is…

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And why this would be the last season?



::Reese&Carter - Walking side by side

requested by midnightbluebelle

the 2 last gifs  in particular shows us how They Were flirting, making the dance or in the stage of falling in love. I want to say enamoramento but i can’t find the correct word in inglish to translate so i’m stick with “falling in love”.

I agree. watching the scene and seeing the look on his face while he spoke to her. he was totally caught up in her, and looking forward to where they would go next in their relationship. he looked optimistic about the future, and happy for the first time in a long time.

adding: meaning that they are in a predate phase, completely thinking that the next time they will meet things will change, like go dinner and holala……etc, etc, etc :D

ok, I need a fanfiction LOL

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Trying a new look - Sounds familiar now.

BUT Let me focus on the beauty of this scene - Reese in casual clothes. Reese making walking-and-entering-a-car sexy. The light that is Joss Carter. Reese’s neck. His red ears…Carter liking what she sees - she ain’t slick. These two. These two. These two.

Or how about Angel-Ghost Carter having a talk with Reese? (Even after passing on she likes to drive lol).

Again, she ain’t slick lol. Carter liked what she was seeing. I just realized that she got a good view of Reese walking across the street from that angle. 


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